2nd Meeting

I have had a tough couple of weeks, so I have not been great about updating our website. On June 11th, I had the privilege of meeting with 4 radical women to talk about Andrea Dworkin’s Woman Hating.

We discussed how pervasive and normalized misogyny is. Our conversation also deeply into the learned feminine behaviors of passivity and victimhood and how women are taught through fiction to be “found” by men and once found and saved, they are expected to fawn over and serve men. We discussed at length our personal experiences of forced feminization and the reinforcement of beauty as “coin in the male realm.” We are further divided y competition for male attention, which becomes necessary when males have all of the resources.

I found it particularly powerful when we each described what our “feminist fairy tale happy ending would look like. I think it is really important to envision your end goal and ideal future so that you have something specific to work for.

We also talked about pornography and the harm it causes to women and society at large. The myth of the happy sex worker is used as justification for porn sick men to use and consume women, regardless of if they are being coerced by circumstance or by others in the porn industry to do things that they are uncomfortable with, or that are physically or mentally unhealthy.

We compared and contrasted Dworkin’s description of pornography in the 70’s with contemporary pornography. I think we mostly agreed that pornography is worse now because of the internet and the liberal feminist myth that pornography can be empowering to women. Porn sick men basically still have the same objectifying and demeaning fetishes, it is just easier to access videos and photographs depicting their fantasies.

Just the act of meeting with women and raising our consciousness together is a powerful act. I always look forward to the next meeting!

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